Saturday, March 30, 2013

Seven kinds of happiness

  1. The big German Shepherd, head and shoulders sticking through the open sunroof as a gold Mercedes barrels down Highway 9. Elegant and calm. 6 more miles to Saratoga!
  2. The tall, beefy young guy passing on a red road bike "Hey have a good ride!" he calls out. The  jersey he's wearing is on the small side, exposing a bare patch of his lower back. Who cares? He's singing, probably to an iPod, and pedaling.
  3. The owner of the quivering wet nose, barely visible in the back window of a truck idling in a driveway. Part of a lab face comes into view. Dog+truck=happy.
  4. The back side of Black Mountain and Montebello Road.
  5. All the cars stopped at the Vista Point. Up to San Francisco, down to San Jose and you are here.
  6. The couple parked outside Robert's Market in Woodside, dirty mountain bikes strapped to the rack. Blissful, exhausted from riding up on the ridge. The guy shakes his head saying "It's like paradise! And so close to where we live..."
  7. In Woodside the grass is free.

  8. One more because this, this makes me happy. Skyline with a tailwind and a big ol' storm front coming in...

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