Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Talk therapy

At dinner tonight Danny asked "So, what was this visit about?" As if the medical subplot will make sense.

Why go to Valley Medical today? Why talk to Dr. X and Dr. L?

  • Because. Once you're in the machine and on its conveyer belt you just surrender to it. No other option.
  • Fill out a questionnaire. This is weird, but brain injury symptoms do change over time.
  • Get admonished for drinking 1-2 glasses of wine per week. Explain about the neuropsych exam and second appeal. Review how I am managing my stress. Have I considered seeing someone for my mood, a counselor or psychologist?
  • Reflect silently on not reporting the drinking of wine.
  • Talk about how speech therapy went. It helped but ran out 3 weeks ago. Ask about online sites like Lumosity. Will spend the money if they work. No research showing that they work. Hmm.
  • Confirm that it's use it or lose it with cognitive function. 
  • Check in on other injuries (like whiplash). Describe pain. Get advice on how to stretch that part of my neck. It's getting stretched and worked out almost every day. It needs tending every single day. Get it?
  • Receive permission to sleep outside in a tent in the back yard. Seriously. The one position that works is lying flat on my back on the ground, on a Thermarest mattress. With an inflatable travel pillow wrapped around my neck. 
  • Explain to the MDs in the room how the insurance industry works. How you never interact with whoever is accountable, by design. The accountable folks stay in the castle behind the moat. Consuming all the time legally allotted to them. Because they can.
  • How absurd to wait in a queue for an MRI when surgery is not something anyone wants. Point out to the MDs that MDs don't really know how to fix the back and spine.
I'm fortunate to have access to the best medical care available. It seems to be mostly talk therapy though. Ten years from now will it be like this? Will there be some actual treatment for brain injury? 

A way to trace and chase and address it, instead of me?

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  1. So, yesterday's SFChron had a front-page article about head injuries and sports business. I didn't get a close look at it. Searching for it on their web site today was interesting...if I typed "head injury" or "head injuries" into the search field, the results were all sports articles (various sports including football, soccer, and hockey especially) in which head injury was not the main topic. After a more thorough browsing of their site I found the following articles. I'm not sure any of them are the article I saw on the front page, but they looked interesting, so I'm sending you the links.




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