Tuesday, April 30, 2013

An ode to overwhelm

May is the craziest month in California for cycling. Everything is at a fever pitch. There are multiple organized rides every weekend. With lots of daylight and temperatures in the 80s and no more rain until November. The cyclists are scurrying around like mad insects, riding as much as possible.

The season of light is hard. Taking melatonin almost every night, sleeping a lot. Waking up late, drugged and groggy. Meanwhile:

  • Tomorrow, two friends from Route 66 arrive in San Francisco. Friday morning they head down Highway 1 to San Diego. Will I join them? No, because...
  • Davis Bike Club, which launched me into randonneuring, is in dire need for volunteers for their 600K brevet. The control is 200 miles away, in Plumas County. It opens at 2am and I'm signed up for a double shift. 
  • Also tomorrow, an opportunity to help SBI by speaking to members of a foundation.

More than happy to help. There's just no structure, no overarching goal for my life right now. Progress is on hold. Busy spirals into panicked, out of control.

  • Two legal cases underway, ETA probably end of 2014.
  • Neck diagnosis and treatment on hold, thanks to Blue Shield.
  • Speech therapy limit reached. Unclear whether online sites like Lumosity are worth time and $$.
  • Need HBOT and hearing aids: $13K. Not covered by insurance. No $$ coming in.
  • Need to contact Dept. of Rehabilitation for vocational rehab. Hard to imagine working with all this going on....
  • In the incoming mail basket, 6 unopened envelopes from Valley Medical. Clearly they are under the impression I have an office staff.

Physically, try to stay in the game. Keep riding, do a 600K, keep going to the gym. Try not to hate the Waterford.

  • May 11th, the San Francisco 600K. Motel in San Francisco, motel in Fort Bragg. Ouch. Why am I doing this again?
  • Super Brevet Scandinavia. Can it be crashed (just show up at the start)? Take the spot of a rider who has a cold, or a family emergency? Can it be done self-supported?
  • May 18th, the Davis Double. The comedy of finding time to train with another person. As Jeff & Tanya are trying to sell their house.
  • June 2 possibly Eastern Sierra. As many rides as possible in June and July. If there is going to be a 1200K in August for brain health. And, frankly, diversion.
Officially, overwhelmed.

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