Friday, April 12, 2013

Ask again later

Why am I riding a 400k tomorrow?

Today I don't have the real answer. In a month or two it will become clear.

Training is about laying groundwork. Sometimes there's a clear goal but other times the future is murky. Right now it's murky. Riding a 400k keeps the options open for later.

Like the Super Brevet Scandinavia, which I've always wanted to do. Unfortunately this year the ride is hopelessly oversubscribed. Yeah I'm on the waiting list...along with 60 other riders. It's tempting to shoot the moon and show up in Frederikshavn, Denmark on August 16. Surely there will be at least one no-show!

Less far-fetched is the Davis Double Century, coming up in four weeks. Jeff wants to do it on the tandem - yay! Even better, old Cobb Mountain is not on the route this year. Riding a 400k pretty much guarantees fitness for a double.

The date kind of crept up. Somehow I am signed up and it's too late for a refund on lodging. And the weather is going to be drop-dead gorgeous. So here we go... San Francisco to Hopland and back. When I was growing up Hopland was almost a ghost town. Now it calls itself "heart of the upper Russian River wine country"!

I always have jitters before a 400k. In my opinion it's the toughest length of all the brevets.


  1. 400k! I'd be jittery, too.
    I am also jealous. I dropped someone off to ride Tierra Bella today... and then drove myself to work. :/ I'm going to squeeze in 10 miles along Los Alamitos Creek trail at lunch, but I confess to feeling awfully green.
    I hope you have a fabulous time - and no flats~!

  2. How did it go? We've ridden Tierra Bella once before. Gorgeous, but a bit scary along Hwy 152. We went to SF yesterday in the car to celebrate our anniversary. You were there...29 years ago!!! To celebrate this time, we saw Jersey Boys, and the Dutch Masters at the de Young, plus the CA native garden in GG park. Plus we drove through the new tunnel that bypasses Devil's Slide. Maybe next trip (to anywhere), if we can't use Caltrain or other public transport, we'll pack the car with bikes, park it, and bike wherever we want to go. Feels much more intelligent! Love you.