Monday, April 15, 2013

Healthy living is happy living

When the train brought me home from the 400K, Danny was making waffles with strawberries... I guess not everyone can be that good.

The next day this came in the mail:

When an insurance company sends a thick envelope is it ever a good sign?

Blue Shield was supposed to ask for details of more conservative treatment, like physical therapy. The original treatment and referrals didn't happen through Valley Medical. So the insurance company needs to know where they were done and by whom. Fair enough.

They chose to skip that step. Literally, they chose not to reach out for the information. I was waiting for their phone call which never came. The envelope is thick with a copy of the entire subscriber agreement, which describes how I am not eligible for an MRI because they have no evidence of conservative treatment...because they chose not to ask for it.

The nurse who wrote the letter said I had recovered well from the accident. Are you wondering how she could know that without the medical records that show conservative treatment for my neck? So am I!

Meanwhile I'm sleeping full time on a travel pillow. It's inconvenient but definitely helps with the pain.

And doing things that are good for my brain but perhaps not so good for my neck, like a 400K.

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  1. What a crock! So sorry! This sort of treatment ought to be negligent if not criminal in a reasonable medical system.