Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wednesday Montebello V

About halfway up Montebello Kim turns to me and asks "so, you climb this hill fairly often?" This is her saying that what we have here is a tough climb.

The past year has called for something otherworldly and close by. An escape. Hadn't exactly noticed it was hard. But it does go to a high point, 2800 feet, on the ridge of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

A few days after the mighty Mt. Hamilton Loop, Kim's legs are up to the task. She and her intrepid Wednesday group are joining me for something different. An adventure to the summit, including dirt. This week no climb for them up Old La Honda on the way to the coast. Everyone's legs are complaining that this isn't Old La Honda. So noted.

80 degrees and clear, it's a day for views. Maybe this is why every single one of us is game for going over the top, even Martin whose plan was to turn around at the gate.

Jim rounds a bend near the summit and says "hey that looks like Black Mountain!" That's exactly what it is...

Bonnie and Jim check out unobstructed views of the Pacific
We can see fifty miles in every direction. To the west, the Pacific Ocean and just below us the weird ridge of the San Andreas Fault. To the north, Mount Tamalpais. That hazy white cluster is San Francisco. The blue splotch of the bay in the middle, ringed by a sprawl of buildings. Mount Diablo to the east. Mount Umunhum a few miles south.

Just like looking at a map of this part of the world. And by the way, You Are Here.

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