Saturday, May 18, 2013

Driven to excess

Heading toward the notch
This is the first Davis Double Century in recent memory where the forecast says it's not going to be a million degrees. That means arm warmers and knee warmers and a vest. If heat makes us slow, cool makes us...
This is what it looks like when singles try to hold onto the wheel of a tandem going 25 mph. Exhilaration, and misery.

Of course, we'll have our share of those things too. We'll climb gamely through the notch, up Monticello Dam, Cardiac, Tandem Hill, to Pope Valley. Arrive at the Farm Center at 9:45am. That's fast.

Honey Hill and Butts Canyon. Then, Big Canyon. Yay! Welcome back, Big Canyon! On the unpaved part we chat with Rene, who lives a couple of miles from me in Silicon Valley.

This is for all those who think the Davis Double is a flat ride. And those who know better but might have forgotten ;) We are powering up the hills, passing many singles along the way. It feels good in the moment but a tandem is not supposed to pass a single bike uphill. It goes against nature.

The sun comes up at 5:45 and sets at 8:15. Many hours of daylight now. It's possible to get to a place where you're recovering or training during the week and doing bike events every weekend. Everyone you know is a cyclist. Every time you get off the bike you expect snacks and fruit on a table. Your perspective gets a little out of whack.

Resurrection is a long one. At which point, you just want to bring it home. The temptation is to hammer through Cache Creek and the Capay Valley (so beautiful). Let's say you do that. Your only warning sign is that guy from lunch in the Terrible Two jersey who says "there's the 30-mile-an-hour tandem!"

Well, to be perfectly honest your legs know the story. They're brave but not infinite...

And you might run out of steam around mile 170. Totter in, thwarted by a steady headwind. Blech.

Still, average speed 16.4 mph. Plenty of daylight left on the table. Ain't no brevet!


  1. Sorry I missed you. I may have seen you finish while I was consuming a buffalo burger and downing a Dogfish Namaste beer. I rode my Quickbeam and had a great time.

    1. Yes I was looking for you! Glad the ride went well and you finished in good spirits...