Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Eight Stars

Tired, sore, cranky.

The real lesson of Herculean effort is that mind, body, and emotions are all connected. For real.

Run low on sugar and the body slows down, thinks this hill is way too hard, feels utterly helpless and bewildered. Have a Coke, get invincible again. Run low on electrolytes and the muscles weaken, thoughts turn negative, emotions lash out. Have a big can of V-8, get back on the bike.

After a 600K it is normal for me to run low on everything and feel cranky for a couple of days. That's what the car is for. Head for Eight Stars. Soothing music. Hot tub, cold plunge, sauna. Repeat.

Followed by an hour of deep tissue massage. I warn the guy about the whiplash injury. No need to worry about aggravating it. After all, I've done an excellent job of that by riding four hundred miles. But a spasm in my lower back won't give up the fight.

And the massage guy says "that's really common with the whiplash injury".

He can state the obvious: there's a connection. The insurance companies have no power here. They don't cover treatments like Eight Stars and a massage therapist. The truth is safe.

It's a different story with Dr. F. It's something he will not admit, even though as an osteopath his motto is "everything is connected". The fear of being dragged into a courtroom and possibly losing his license is too great. Instead I hear how the spasm is totally separate from my cervical sprain. Must be caused by cycling! And the structural issue in my neck has been there all along, since I was born.

This all just happens to be expressing itself after a car accident.

He is a good osteopath; expensive, but good. The treatments help. But apart from money I can't go there right now. I arrive in pain; he makes it go away as long as I listen to a bunch of stuff that is not the truth.

Which would you choose, pain or truth?

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