Saturday, May 11, 2013

On a country road

Climbing Highway 128.

No stop in Cloverdale, except at a very sincere lemonade stand.

In the 45-degree spread of temperatures on this ride, we are near the high end. How do I know?

The Waterford's steel tubing is warm to the touch. Extensive field research has determined that this amount of chromium-molybdenum alloy becomes conductive when the ambient temperature at sea level reaches ~90F.

Oh the air feels hot too.

The hill is 9 miles long. Besides the odometer with each tenth-of-a-mile clicking by, what to contemplate?

The next patch of blissful shade.

Boonville, wherever you may be.

The promise of cooler air beyond the summit.

That other event this weekend, the Central Coast Double. So glad I am not there. If it's hot in Yorkville, it's a scorcher in Paso Robles. At least I'm riding toward the cool. At least there's Boonville and a water stop and Fort Bragg. The CCD has minimal support with no stores to augment it. The heat ramps up as the day wears on. Electrolyte issues can make one afternoon feel like a lifetime.

That's right, I'd rather be riding a 600K.

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Even so, rolling down to Boonville is like being blasted by a hair dryer. The marine layer hasn't reached this far inland. I'm beginning to doubt it's existence. Twenty-five miles later crispy riders roll into the bag/water stop at Indian Creek County Park. My Camelbak is flopping around like a fish, totally empty.

Chili, chips, Coke: the 3 C's
And lo, on this unsupported brevet we find a fully supported control! Under the shade of big redwood trees. Time to refuel.

It's possible to get so happy and distracted you completely forget to hit your drop bag...

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