Thursday, May 2, 2013

The cat ate my bike shorts

Always running late for Spinning class. Pulled out the wicker drawer where the bike shorts live. Without looking I grabbed the pair on top. They're all black. It's just a sea of black nylon and lycra in there.

For some reason I actually looked down at the pair in my hand. And thought oh no...

What's disturbing is not that someone ate yet another article of clothing. Nor is it surprising that bike shorts were chosen. Bella likes chewing on stretchy things. It's frankly preferable if she destroys an old ratty pair of bike shorts than, say, a V-neck wool-cashmere sweater. Yeah, can't quite let that one go...

Two things are troubling about this particular incident.
    Predator, and prey
  1. I came that close to showing up at the gym with a big chewed hole in my butt.
  2. No idea how Bella got a hold of this particular item. Most everything in the house is Bella-proofed; no clothing lying around.
She's not telling...


  1. Ringtail showed up for a ride with a hole much bigger than that, and he doesn't even live with a cat. Eventually, I got him to put his windbreaker around his waist so it could drape modestly over his withers. Wouldn't want to give up a primo drafting spot just because the view didn't agree with me....

    1. LOL! We all love Ringtail but that's a little too much Ringtail... at least he has friends who will tell him about the issue. BTW if this ever happens again I hear duct tape is useful.