Saturday, May 25, 2013

The message

Riding, writing, riding writing. In May it would be completely logical to think Route 66, a journey is about these things.

Over the weekend I went to a computer store and tried out a Bluetooth keyboard. Need to post from out there on the road. The guy at the counter watched me access this site.

Computer Guy: Whaddhya blog about?

Me: Um, exercise and recovery from traumatic brain injury. I was in a car accident almost 5 years ago. Turns out that exercise is good for rebuilding your brain.

Guy: What does it help with?

Me: A lot of people feel foggy after a brain injury. It helps with that. It helps with attention and emotions. It tells your brain to make new neurons too.

Guy: I didn't know that!

Me: Yeah no one seems to know... it's not a pill or a surgery so you don't hear about it. Doctors worry you'll have a stroke or fall and get another brain injury. Once those aren't an issue, exercise is the way to go. Strength training and endurance exercise. There's other things you can do for yourself too. But exercise is the main thing.

Looking up at his face, he's still engaged.... doesn't seem to care about the radioactive tagline: How my traumatic brain injury became a gift. So many people have walked away but he's really taking in the message.

I leave with the keyboard, a list of his 3 favorite YouTube channels, and new trust in humanity.

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