Thursday, May 2, 2013

Two amigos on Highway 1

Thursday we met Russ and Doug, two Route 66 buddies, at a pub in San Francisco. They're heading down the coast on Highway 1.

Wish I could go! All I could offer were directions on how to take the old dirt road through Devil's Slide instead of the new tunnel. Right now those are the two options. And the views are so much better from the old road. After the western half of Route 66, Old Pedro Mountain Road should be no problem. Even with panniers. Just go slow.

Afterwards we went for ice cream on Chestnut Street in my old neighborhood. It was a warm evening, unusual for San Francisco. This is a great city and the scenery is breathtaking along the coast. Russ and Doug are in for a treat. There's just one thing missing...

One cup is missing
Rudy (who loved ice cream) was the third amigo. During the evening his name came up several times. He was one of the least nostalgic people I've ever met. Kinda impatient too. After a while I could hear his voice in my head saying oh for God's sake, give it a rest! Time to get on with it!

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