Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bicycle bananas

The cashier pulls out the empty Aquafina bottle, looks at me and asks, this yours? I nod. What happened to it?

I just had to drink it. Ran out of water about 12 miles out of town. It tasted good.

The guy in line gives me a look and so does the cashier. He blips the empty bottle over the bar code reader. They're amused; probably they know each other. At this point no use pretending to be sorry. It was the right thing to do.

Besides the empty bottle he rings up another tall bottle of water, a big cold can of coconut water, two hummus snack cups with pretzel chips and two Greek yogurts. And a banana.

Walking that store for what felt like an hour, it's what I came up with. After 112 miles, hummus, pretzels, and yogurt will have to do. That's Safeway. You know they'll have something. It will be decent and it will be safe but odds are it won't be an aesthetic experience.

Collecting my stuff I ask which way to Lake Almanor. Don't really want to buy a map. Out the door, turn left. Lots of water there, says the guy in line, with a wink.

In the hot air outside, I park my carcass at a table with umbrella. Slurp the coconut water, alternating with regular water. Scoop hummus with pretzel chips, and then with my finger when the chips run out. The label says each cup is 380 calories...not bad! Almost worthy of lunch.

I should check my phone. No service in Alturas. Probably none here but might as well go through the motions. It takes a minute to find the cell tower but lo and behold, 3 bars here at Safeway in Susanville. Open the text messages to get Bill's number. At least I'll let him know what happened. Should have known this crazy scheme would not work out.

There's a new text waiting - it's from Bill.

Hi. Had a near disaster
cable problem. Am in
Susanville at Bicycle
Bananas (702 Main Street)
getting new cable.

The timestamp is three minutes ago.

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