Saturday, June 1, 2013

My favorite things

Eastern Sierra Double 2013

One of my favorite things about a double century is silence. I mean, from time to time there is chatting with fellow riders. But mostly it's a day filled with silence.

And in the case of the Eastern Sierra, the scenery does the talking. The landscape is full of stories, long complicated ones. 

The things that went wrong, went wrong early. It's so dry on this side of the mountains that you don't even feel yourself sweat. Dehydration at mile 60. Hot foot. Cramping and spasms in major muscle groups in the back of the legs. Very painful. Lots of electrolyte tabs. 3 small V-8s. Wow.

Also, turns out the ride goes up to 8400 feet. On a hot day. Tough for a flatlander to breathe!

A sweet moment at the Chevron station in Lee Vining. It has one of those soda machines with the ice hopper. Stick the Camelbak underneath and fill 'er up. The sign says 'cup of ice, 25 cents'. At the counter I say 'a cup of ice, hold the cup' and lay a quarter on the counter. A 2-hour climb with ice cold water, one quarter.

It was worth it to finally go east on Highway 120, over Sagehen Summit. Get hollered at and called 'hot' by a 30-year-old guy (while passing, of course). Twice.

Have always wanted to get to Benton Hot Springs, which is way the heck out there. Give away a Zantac that was ported for 165 miles. Listen to the rest stop worker say that any ride over 6 hours is just not building fitness...

That may be true but it does build hunger for Texas BBQ in Bishop!

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