Sunday, June 9, 2013


After the hot DART and T-Rex Barbecue and a lift home from Danny, checked my Inbox this morning. And lo, there was something there...

This mail is for you if you have ...
1) Made a preregistration for Super Brevet Scandinavia 2013. Unfortunately we have had to put you on the waitinglist.
2) Registered to do the S-B-S WITHOUT the support-parcel offered by the organizers.
We have some cancellations to places WITH support-parcel. So we writes to you and all others who might still want to do the S-B-S with support. If you can't come in case that we can offer you a place, we should like to know that.
The organizers wants to fill all places with support, so we have decided that we from now on offers any vacant place with support to the participants on the waitinglist who order them first. So it is: first come, first served.
When we have another opening, we will write you again and everybody else on the waitinglist and offer you the place. If somebody answer before you, you have to wait for the next opening.
As said in the beginning, this also applies for the few daring randonneurs who have decided to do the S-B-S without the support. We e-mail them and offers vacant places with support, so they get the possibility to change their original registration to one with support.
Med venlig hilsen / Best wishes
Karsten Christensen
Audax Randonneurs Danemark

No need to be a daring randonneur - I'm officially in!

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