Friday, July 12, 2013

A jump start

I...don' do...anything.

Coming up is the 2 Brevet Weekend with San Francisco Randonneurs. It's an organized, self-supported affair. They tell you when and where to show up; all good. Because when someone tells me when and where to show up, stuff actually tends to happen.

In March instead of showing up for a 300K I showed up for SBI. A 300K is still needed to qualify for SBS. This is the last local one. So it will be 300K Saturday and 200K Sunday. Assuming I get myself there, that is.

We're in that painful place of zero motivation when tasks have to get taken care of anyway. This process is like being woken up from the soundest sleep you've ever had.

Or pushing the car with a manual transmission and a dead battery. Coasting heavily down the street with no power. Putting the transmission in second gear, popping the clutch. Hoping the engine remembers what to do.

Not the same as being fully charged but short-term it does work.

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