Friday, July 19, 2013

Red group, green group

We have now made the dividing into the 'red' and the 'green' group. You find it in this link:

Vi har nu opdelt deltagerne i den 'røde' og 'grønne' gruppe. Se dem her:

Med venlig hilsen / Best wishes
Karsten Christensen
Audax Randonneurs Danemark

Super Brevet Scandinavia happens every four years. For a long time it was 35 riders, then it was 50. Now it's 100. Randonneuring is the sport of the new millenium!

This time the hundred spots filled up right away in January. The window opened again in February (I missed it). Late cancellations in May gave me a place.

The reason I wanted to do this ride and the restrictions on how many cyclists can ride are in fact, connected. Unlike most 1200Ks, SBS offers formal support. They arrange everything; no need to scramble like on Paris-Brest-Paris.

Four nights in a row there will be a hostel bed with my name on it. A bed!! There will be a shower - a shower! - at the end of each day's ride. Like magic my drop bag will show up. And yes, there will be food! Breakfast and dinner for four days. The number of cyclists that Audax Randonneurs Danemark can support in this fashion is...100.

There's a catch. No place along the way in rural Scandinavia has 100 beds for cyclists. Starting with this edition, SBS has split itself into two groups. 70 cyclists do the standard thing (the green group). At the beginning or end of the day 30 cyclists do a slightly different thing (the red group). The differences are minor and the vast majority of kilometers are ridden together.

My name's in the red group! Cancel that reservation at the hostel in Frederikshavn. Hopefully they have places at the hostel in Saeby.

Time to start thinking red.

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