Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ticket Tuesday

For someone who is supposedly going to Denmark, there are no external signs. No packing list. No navigational setup. No airline ticket.

No physical readiness to speak of.

This has been nagging me since leaving home June 21st, maybe since officially getting into SBS June 9th, and heck maybe since fixing on Super Brevet Scandinavia before getting in. It's dread, and avoidance. Logistics are really hard and it takes relentless focus and luck for me not to screw up.

When I decided to go for SBS the goal was to escape everything going wrong and sideways. Do a lot of exercise and blast on through. Not bring it all down on my head!

Since the accident I've learned it's important to be selective about airlines. They need to be the most functional, least sadistic ones. Yes to SAS, Air France, Air Canada, Virgin Atlantic. Maybe to Lufthansa and KLM (they fly to the wrong cities). No to United, American, Delta, US Airways, and many more.

The original check of flights and fares showed prices were high. Availability seemed low (1 seat(s) left at this price!) No seats on the nonstop to Copenhagen. It was bouncy-bouncy through O'Hare and JFK. Places that tend to have thunderstorms in August.

Dealing with airlines and airport security, this should be one of the diagnostic tests for mild brain injury. Airlines are completely unforgiving. You can't be unsure of one single thing or make one single mistake. Also, with tickets and baggage there are those sadistic games to extract the maximum amount of money out of you. And there's that stuff I always forget to put in the plastic bin on the conveyor belt. TSA likes to call me "Ma'am".

To minimize all this and increase my chances of a decent experience, I actually bought a Business Class ticket for $2800. Then got cold feet and canceled it the next day. People without income don't fly Business Class.

OK. Fares are lowest and seat blocks go on sale late Monday night - Tuesday morning. By virtue of nothing but being in the right place at the right time somehow I got this:

Yep, still wondering where the 1147 Euros are coming from. Yep, not quite sure how my bike box will be my only piece of checked baggage.

But I'm going!

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  1. Air France gets crossed off the list of functional airlines: