Monday, August 19, 2013

And then god created the deli...

Feed zone: a giant ICA supermarket in Arendal.
Miraculously, we land in the right place, a huge gas station and supermarket complex at the far end of town. Through a maze of pedestrian streets, a dirt construction zone, an anonymous neighborhood. Pretty sure that was not the official way. It's still a bit of a mystery how we ended up here. More sniffing than route sheet.

While signing in, Martin's got a helpful hint for me. "Now, remember to eat here because there's nothing else along the way." It sounds authoritative, like a textbook or manual or something. Well after riding hungry for 30k, there's really no danger of me forgetting to eat. I'm lightheaded with hunger. As a witness to this conversation, the control worker just starts cracking up.

No hot dogs here – it's a modern, fully stocked market! On the menu is roast chicken, warm scalloped potatoes, a mineral water, apple, and two bananas for the back pocket. A religious experience. In lieu of saying grace let's just rip open a foil bag from the deli.

The point that needs to be made is this one: it's possible to ORDER half a roast chicken and my stomach may FEEL that empty but my stomach is not, in fact, physically big enough. And it never will be.

I spend too long trying and have to abandon the rest. My fellow cyclists, long finished, are impatient to put this ride to bed.

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