Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pieces of red

The red group shook up plans for SBS in a big way. Logistics, not my strong suit.
  • Accommodation before the ride. The red group starts in Saeby, 12km south of Frederikshavn. The Frederikshavn hostel refunded my money. The Saeby hostel had a place. Incredibly good news. ($110/night for bunk and breakfast in a shared room with 3-4 other people...I heart Denmark!)
  • Route sheet. All the mileage cues were for the green group mileage, not the red group. We could have renamed this blog Elaine Gets Lost All Over Scandinavia (still could do that). After a couple of frantic days we have a working red route sheet. Need to double-check then print.
  • Transport from Copenhagen to Saeby. Just discovered a bus (takes bikes) from Copenhagen to Aalborg. Another bus from Aalborg to the tiny seaside town of Saeby. Bikes allowed on that bus if there is room and it's not an accordion bus.
Seems like red pieces might finally be falling into place. Start breathing normally. Soon.

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