Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Summoned by the machine

Over 2 weeks ago the MRI of my spine finally happened. Yay! If they find something at least there will be a story. And it would be great to fire the neck pillow.

What I should have hoped for was a call back. Y'know, with next steps, results, little stuff like that. Nothing.

Yesterday I called Valley Medical to see what was going on. The MRI department because it's the number I have and they seem to pick up the phone.

The guy acted like no big deal. He recommended I call my doctor but when I informed him that doctors at Valley Medical don't seem to have phone numbers that didn't faze him at all. He offered to send the MRI results to my home. Very helpful!

Literally by accident, watching an applet do its thing on the Stanford Hospital site, I saw the neurosurgeon's face and name go by. He teaches at Stanford, too. There was a phone number! Called, got voicemail.

Today the land line rang. An automated voice on the other end said it was Valley Medical. I'm expected Thursday at 10:30am in the Neurosurgery Clinic.

Well, they seem to have found me.

People ask why I'm going to Valley Medical at all. They're the county hospital; they don't turn anyone away. Well you might be wondering too…

Valley Medical is the only facility in California with traumatic brain injury unit and an end-to-end Rehabilitation Medicine process. Where they follow you the whole way through. At least in theory.

To me it looks like patients are required to devote countless hours to playing their game and when the ball gets dropped, it's never anyone's problem.

Except mine.

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