Thursday, October 17, 2013

The travel pillow protocol

Not gonna go into the front-office part of the Valley Medical visit. How the person at reception wanted me to "confirm" Danny's date of birth. Defended their right to send co-pay bills to him. How a 10:30 appointment with Dr. S. became a 12:15 appointment, without a word about the delay. The patients, we worked it out for ourselves what was going on.

At this point it's just low-hanging fruit.

When I finally did see Dr. S. for 5 minutes, he said that the MRI of my spine looks pretty good. No surgery for me.

They did find root cause, too. There's some damage to the disc between the fourth and fifth cervical vertebrae (C4 and C5). It's visible on the MRI. If it gets worse they can do a discectomy but right now, no need.

In Sausalito at the end of the 400K that spot was tingling and burning in a scary way. That was why.

According to Dr. S. whatever got injured probably healed after 5 years. Wearing a travel pillow at night for 10 months was not a bad idea. It likely broke the cycle of pain and inflammation. The body eventually absorbs the little broken bits floating around. It wants to heal.

He still protected himself and the insurance companies by saying there's no way to tell whether the damage was caused by trauma or by normal aging. Of course, there's no history in my family of cervical disk degeneration. And I didn't have symptoms until after the accident. And it's a common whiplash thing. But hey yes, it's possible. The birthers and the people who believe the earth was created 6000 years ago have demonstrated that.

I can keep riding my bike; just don't stick out my chin. I can go back to a regular pillow. If there's more pain, come back. For now, free of the machine!

Dr. S. rocks, in my book. He is a surgeon, the kind of intervention our system is designed for. He works on mechanical problems with visual evidence. His approach is very calm and methodical and low-ego. Maybe he's just one of the good ones.

We need to spread the word about the travel pillow protocol for whiplash injuries… It cost a whopping 9.99 at Marshall's. Will post again in a couple of months to check in.

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