Tuesday, November 5, 2013

10 reasons to escape

  1. Mornings and evenings are chilly now. Leaves are lying down on the ground for winter.
  2. The other human member of the household has a deadline at work. Very busy until Thanksgiving.
  3. The raccoons keep coming in the kitty door.
  4. A friend keeps asking for company on a(nother) 1200K. Persistent!
  5. This cyclist is in dire need of motivation to ride. 
  6. This blogger is in dire need of motivation to write posts.
  7. Word is, Wangaratta Victoria hasn't changed much in the last 30 years ;-) It would be great to see my host families though. Might be now or never...
  8. Battles with insurance and former employer drag on. 
  9. The Sydney Melbourne Alpine 1200K has the same design as Super Brevet Scandinavia: 4 days, overnight accommodations, bag drop support.
  10. Air New Zealand has the same bike-friendly baggage policy as SAS.
So, on impulse and feeling a bit sheepish, today I went all in. Entry fee, airline ticket, airbnb place with Orlando in Sydney.

Can't believe I did that.


  1. Hi Elaine! Following your progress on twitter. Good to get out of the city finally, right? The countryside looks beautiful. Is it weird to ride on the left side? I hope you're feeling well. If you're riding near one of the "stalked" riders, maybe let us know which one? Love and strength to you, dear sister!

  2. Bonne Route, Elaine!
    Hope all goes well and you have a great ride.

  3. Wow, Elaine! You're almost to the finish. Super super proud of you (and watching your stats give me goosebumps). You are one tough cookie!!