Monday, November 18, 2013

Facing Grendel

Coming around a bend the road crosses the river again. So beautiful. It starts sloping upward. "This is it, this is the climb," I say.

A quick look down at the computer for a mileage check. Might as well see how big the monster really is…

After the first couple of pitches, it levels off and we get a little rest. Then push again. Stair steps! A welcome surprise, something we've been running low on lately. The pitches are steep, maybe 12%. They are not short and they keep coming.

David's just ahead, Sarah's back a few meters. A few others as well. At this point in the ride, differences in speed and riding style tend to even out. Without passing anyone or trying to catch a group, we start to converge.

And so it goes.

Wish I could report what was said. Truth is, no one's saying anything. It's so quiet, I hear a new noise on my bike. In the lowest gear the rear derailleur brushes the spokes on the rear wheel ever so slightly.

Whatever I was thinking, not sure. It has no beginning, no end, and none of it can be turned into words.

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