Monday, November 25, 2013

Greetings from Café Derailleur!

Hey people, in the Rural City of Wangaratta, excellent espresso at Cafe Derailleur!

For lunch, a salad of fresh microgreens, cantaloupe, chicken, and avocado. Mmmmm. On the side, a slice of artisan bread drizzled in artisanal olive oil (which had to be left on the plate…) Yeah, after a 1200K food does tend to taste better. But judging from Margot's expression over her french toast with fresh berries on top of homemade custard, the kitchen here can hold its own. No brevet required.

In 1982 the food was British and not in a particularly good way. Were there any actual restaurants? Not sure. Several fish and chip shops. Someone catered the weekly Rotary meetings.

Today not only can you eat well but the Ovens and King Valleys have become (wait for it…) a cycling mecca. Beautiful scenery, great weather, much flatter than anywhere nearby. My legs can testify to that.

In 1982 like most kids I rode a bike to school, to town, to friends' houses. Now (just like back home), kids get dropped off in SUVs while adults ride bikes for fun. On any given day you'll see cyclists in town, along rural roads, or last week during the Sydney Melbourne Alpine 1200K, skirting Wangaratta via farm roads. Passing signs that help the tourists find regional food and wine.

At the post-ride barbecue we enjoyed a lovely red from Rutherglen.
You could definitely think you were in the Napa Valley, except this is way more sincere and less crowded…

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