Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving at our house

Today we invite over friends and family to eat a lot of good food together.

Thanksgiving is the best holiday because it's about people and gratitude, not about Stuff.

In the past few years there has actually been some research on gratitude. Some people kept journals where they thought and wrote about whatever they were grateful for in this life. Other people, y'know, ate candy and went shopping and surfed the Internet instead.

Those who practiced gratitude experienced a variety of measurable benefits to their health and well-being. Just in case, give it a go...

Friends, old, new, and rediscovered after many years. Great people met while traveling. Bicycles (of course).

The Continental Grand Prix 4-Season tire, a reliable friend. My one flat tire on Sydney Melbourne, that it happened on the front rather than the rear. Turns out the rear wheel was stuck in the dropouts and would not budge.

Most pieces and parts healthy and where they should be. There was no ambush by the Double Wombat Brigade. I'm not in chronic pain; the travel pillow protocol worked well. Sleep, sleep is good.

As are hot showers. As I said at the finish, for my money the reward of endurance cycling is the shower afterward. And after a long flight, getting clean. You could base a religion just on that.

Computers. The Internet, digital cameras. Social media (except Facebook, sorry). Those who play by the rules along with Julian Assange and Edward Snowden and many others who don't.

Music. Whether at the Sydney Opera House or the person humming next to you.

Many insurance companies and some employers, playing by their own rules, demonstrating how to be utterly secure in self-interested wrongness. That we don't have to be like that. Go be wrong over there (preferably far away.)

Fresh vegetables. The first little Meyer lemon from our tree, giving all its goodness to the Brussels sprouts. The woman in the market who was asking about Delicata squash, because she is still learning and asking questions and trying new things.

Great espresso. Books. Solar panels.

And so on...

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