Friday, December 6, 2013

Cave into winter

At this very moment, Bella is burrowed under layers of flannel sheets and duvets. Totally under, out of sight, a small lump in the bed. She says it is winter. Time to cave.

It's been 10 days since Melbourne, with its ~14.5 hours of daylight.

Today in California the sun will grace us with 9 hours, 40 minutes of its presence. Outside (next to the house) it is 58 degrees (14 C) but this morning it got down to 28 (-2 C). Danny reported frost on the solar panels.

I couldn't see the frost with my own eyes because they were shut. I was deeply asleep. Dead to the world. Last night, for 11 hours.

Say the alarm goes off at 8am. It does register that something is happening but because the concept of alarm and really the whole outside world has no meaning whatsoever, I turn over and resume sleeping. For hours. Without turning off the alarm.

The change in seasons has been a bit of an adjustment. It feels different from jet lag. The weird dizziness and sudden urge to nap, that went away in a couple of days. Instead, this feels like an epic circadian shift. A recalibration.

There's hunger, too. Two nights ago Danny was forced to make a couple of giant burgers for dinner (with cheese and bacon, sans bun). It was the only way to stop the repeated mentions of burgers in casual conversation. It went like, blah blah blah BURGER blah blah. Then I whipped up a batch of salty-sweet chocolate lumps for dessert and now they're almost gone.

Good thing I'm not expected to show up at a formal place of work right now. It feels really good to sleep and eat. It does not exactly feel productive.

So to feel better about that, let's review what actually got done this week.

  • Made one (1) trip to Hacker Dojo.
  • Attended one (1) Spinning class and one (1) TRX session and one (1) yoga class at the gym.
  • Cooked two (2) dinners.
  • At Pet Club, bought Bella a huge bag of food and a soft pet bed. Totally hip to her world...
  • Talked to Johanna Heller at Waterford, who says It looks like a drop out replacement is necessary given the crack.
  • Took the Waterford to a local bike shop. After shedding all the parts not welded on, they sent it on to the spa in Waterford, Wisconsin. To see a therapist who massages TruTemper OX Platinum steel into new dropouts. Get a full series of exfoliation and renewal treatments.

They'll do all that while I wait sleep.

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