Sunday, December 29, 2013

Out with the old!

When I got back from Australia, Danny let me know that his company has fired Blue Shield of California as our health insurance provider. Tomorrow is their last day.

Don't let the door hit you on your way out...

For some reason last week the pain in my cervical spine flared up. For a few days it really hurt, a burning, localized pain that also brought some numbness to my hands. But I knew the root cause, which is huge. I knew what to do (use a travel pillow, tuck in my chin, go to yoga) to make it better. As long as I do those things to self-treat, it's not damaging to ride a bike.

All this knowledge was bought by the MRI. It took almost 9 months from Dr. S. ordering it to getting stuck in the metal tube in the machine of Valley Medical. According to the bills that came, total cost was ~$3000.

If that sounds expensive, it's around the cost of your average ride to the hospital in an ambulance. We  know that because one of Danny's colleagues had to cover an ambulance ride for his critically sick kid out of pocket. Blue Shield wouldn't cover that either. There must have been other employees who received similar treatment from them.

My first-rate health insurance that would pay for HBOT was sacrificed with my job. That's gone for good. Danny's company is a large start-up that has zero bargaining power with health insurers. The replacement is no picnic either; several years ago his company switched from them to Blue Shield. It would be tough to outdo Blue Shield on this score, though. 

We shall see. Stay tuned... 

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