Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Somewhat round

A long time ago when life looked very different, I toured a huge ginger plant in Queensland. Don't remember the name or exactly where it was but this is probably the one. They processed raw ginger, producing ginger in all its ready, commercial forms: raw in a jar, cooked into syrup, dried and crystallized with sugar.

Kinda, sorta, round.
This was in the early 1980's, before the ginger boom. You couldn't just go to your local market and pick up little discs of crystallized stuff in the bulk food bin. I'd never given any thought to ginger before. No one I knew used it in the kitchen. Touring the machinery and the gift shop I was bored. Along the lines of this must be what it's like to be a member of the Royal Family...

Then we got samples of ginger candy. A great idea. Ginger may not look like much but that taste…pungent, lingering sweetness, then spice. Lots of heat. Wow!

The stuff I bought the other day is sweet, spicy, and definitely not hot. Not sure where it comes from. The folks in Queensland kept repeating that their plant was the largest in the southern hemisphere. Which sounds huge until you realize, as I did today, that Australia produces less than 1% of the world's ginger each year. It's probably not from that factory! (They should have been saying our ginger is rare and special and has lots of heat…)

But this is not about ginger, or even Australia.

It matters a lot, the way facts are presented. Perception is not everything but it's often how things happen in the world. That is the realm of lawyers, a nugget I've gleaned over the past 5 years. It's in no way fair or necessary to still have outstanding legal claims. We should not be making people with brain injuries ride a 1200K when it comes to disability, medical care, or insurance claims. But if it has to be like that then I'm so, so lucky to have a good lawyer. Bring on the heat...

Today makes 5 years since the accident. Still here! More good days than bad now, overall. And you know what that means…Last week I took a little vacation from the basics. Had a glass or two of wine with dinner, um, several days in a row! Even a small daily dose of wine is not in the cards. For me it just wallops on memory, balance, and mood.

One of those nights had a beer as well, an Eel River IPA. Beer has less alcohol, but I was further reminded that almost all beer contains gluten. It's good to remember stuff! Let's hope I remember better and faster next time.

Bicycle wheels need to be pretty close to perfectly round to function properly. Most other things work fine with a few bumps and imperfections. For example:

Pumpkin pancakes (GF) with raspberry jam and crystallized ginger - yum!
Am coming around to accept a few bumps and imperfections. Not quite there yet, but getting there. It seems to beat the hell out of pretending to be what others want. That takes a lot of time and energy, and it's good to be mindful of how we spend those things.

Feel like celebrating with me? It's easy.
  1. Find or make something yummy. It could be pumpkin pancakes or something else. It cannot look perfect, that's the only rule.
  2. If you have some ginger handy and it goes well with ginger, even better. 
  3. Eat, experience, plunge right in! 
Leave a comment to share whatever it was. Or, just enjoy!

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