Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Can't get there from here

Back from Vegas. Happy, overwhelmed with tasks.
The trip was fruitful but not easy.

Yeah the air travel piece, an endurance event... A storm on the East Coat hit us in sunny California by grounding airplanes! A game of Magic Squares. Friday afternoon and much of the evening spent at Terminal B in the San Jose airport. After 5 hours the flight to Las Vegas was cancelled. Mad.

Rebooking chaos ensued. Epic queues and a 25-to-39-minute estimated wait at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA. Saturday morning at 6 the airport thick with humans and the air of desperation. Those poor TSA people hustled and everyone recovering from brain injuries did our level best not to make mistakes in the security line.

Finally in Vegas, took a cab from McCarran International right to the opening keynote at New Media Expo. Groggy, disheveled. At least I was there.

On the way home on Monday, still a mess. Flight 90 minutes late. Exhausted. Monitors at the gates displaying The Way We Were, not The Current State of Things. People with quote unquote normal brains could not keep up! 

I was thinking ha, now you know what it feels like ;-)

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