Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Your idea goes here

After almost 2 years, my first member meeting at Hacker Dojo.

Among geeks human interaction can be a rare and special thing. Does eye contact count? Walking back and forth between my computer and the kitchen, with its coffee maker and microwave... Some days that's it.

Today I happened to intersect and chat with two people. Two!

One has a startup that provides expert answers to questions. The other has an idea for a startup but more immediately, is in the market for bike saddlebags. Here, take my old ones.

Before the meeting, a meet and greet at the table. A communications coach and the former head of the workshops at the Googleplex. Four humans in one day!

Mr. Startup's got a brain injury story. Mugged on the street in New York, hit on the head several times. Fifteen years later he takes ADHD meds for attention issues. Good for him, I say. Attention is silent, invisible, a tricky phantom. He figured out what he needed to do; now he's doing it!

Mr. Saddlebags has an idea for a startup based on dreams. When I say that in my view, neuroscience is heading in the direction of quantum theory, he's startled. Yeah, each person is different. The volume of neurons dedicated to a function doesn't seem to matter. And brain function changes depending on who's observing it. He feels dreams are related to quantum theory, too. (Jack, you really have to make your startup happen!)

Mr. Workshop asks why I'm constantly on the move. What am I running from? :-D Joking aside, he tries to walk 2 miles to the train station every day. He's noticed that it makes him more alert and clear-headed at work.

The meeting might be beside the point. I'm just happy we're having these conversations.