Friday, April 11, 2014

Finally "in"

OK so I start work (which is a miracle in and of itself). During New Hire Orientation (10 days long), everyone has a backpack. Very practical. Not a little purse that keeps spilling its guts everywhere...

Gotta get a backpack! Maybe then no one will notice I'm 25 years older than everyone... Being a girl I know just the one. It's this weird, unique thing for outliers made by Alchemy Goods.

These are the people in Seattle who turn dead bike tubes into stylish bags. You can't buy their stuff anywhere. You just have to know.

Four years ago (!) I bought one of their messenger bags at Sports Basement. It's traveled with me to Sweden, France, Denmark, Australia, and still looks new.  It's the bomb.

On eBay I find a guy in Ohio who's selling one that's never been used. Maybe he's "not one of us". He's in Cleveland, he's no outlier. A hundred bucks, done!

The day after clicking Buy It Now, I walk over to the company store to check out what they have.

And dang if my freaking backpack isn't there on the shelf! It's like a dream. With the company logo on it. Branded.

These are my people.

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