Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Pinch me

Never have I seen so many bikes.

Bikes parked at cubes. On special stands next to the window, where they have a view. Outside, next to my fixie. Bikes in rainbow colors with baskets, for anyone to use. Bikes, bikes, bikes, bikes.

The guy coming breathless into the elevator. Just in from Almaden Valley (San Jose). Yes, I know where that is. The product manager just in from SF2G (San Francisco to Google).

It's Bike to Work Week. But always, there is some kind of bike culture at work. All bikes, all the time.

I'm kinda used to being the weird one, doing the bike commute thing. One, maybe two people. A handful of riders on Bike to Work Day. Never to be seen again. Here the CFO sends out an email: "I hope you'll all join me next week in biking to work". Had to read that email a couple of times just to make sure.

This week, the festivities are in full swing. A web page with groups of people biking to work from here, there, everywhere. From 50 miles away. They want you to join them. There will be T-shirts.

If you live close in you have to make your own drama. There's a 70-mile epic ride that gets to work via a 6-hour detour to Pescadero. (No kidding.) As a test this morning I went around The Loop and in the process, found some coworkers. They were FAST.

In front of my building an outdoor Spin class was in progress, to encourage commuting. No one even noticed my Seven, my California Triple Crown jersey, my funny shoes. No big deal!!

It's good to be a nobody, right? Right?


  1. Pretty sure none of these "somebodies" have ridden anything like what YOU've ridden! But yes, it's the future to use pedal power to get around whenever possible! Great to see so many committed cyclists. The next big test is, do they ride when it's raining or cold? duhn-duhn-duhn... ;)

  2. Via Pescadero? Really? (And then they expect you to work after that??) That's ... more than I would do on a Thursday. One where I was working, anyway. Day off, sure.
    I think it's great that there are so many other cyclists there. (As long as there are enough racks available, that is.) That much culture means management will help cyclists, not pester them for a bike in their cube etc.

  3. Bike to work day. Its a really good initiative. I support it fully. Let´s hope it gets more people to choose the bike instead of the car in the future. Perhaps it can inspire society to get more bike friendly.