Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Training panic

This morning on the way out I was so sleepy that my phone and wallet never left the kitchen. Making my seat bag that much lighter on the way up. No photo from the top of Page Mill.

We'll all just have to suspend disbelief.

By Altamont, when I got a clue and my body started to object, 2 coworkers rode up behind me. (OK so I knew they'd be there...) Not wanting the shame of turning around in their presence, up we went. Together.

It was shaping up to be a hot day and the descent was jacket-free. Showered and dressed at home, then rode to work like any other day. Except the scrambled eggs, bacon, and Ritual coffee tasted really, really good.

At which point I proceeded to get productive and forget all about Page Mill.

Due to a big ramp-up in miles and climbing, I'm slow at the moment. How big? In the past 10 days, 375 miles. ~28,000 feet of climbing. Half of Sydney Melbourne.

This might be the only case of someone who did the Everest Challenge, the height of Mt. Everest in 15 days as a training goal, without actually meaning to!

It was a training panic, then. July 24 seems so close. No brevets this spring. And now a bit scary, being so slow.

With a little bit of luck, speed and distance and climbing will all intersect the third week of July, right around the time of the 1000K. I say to Danny, the 1200K training is in my legs somewhere. And he says,  of course it is!


  1. I actually find it kind of reassuring that people other than me panic. Seasoned riders, who know what they're doing, and pull off 1200K rides. (For me, the night before a ride is the worst. I am convinced I haven't trained enough and it's going to be awful. Every. Single. Time.)
    Your legs are going to be fine. It's your stomach that needs to train! That way it won't discriminate between ride days and non-ride days. How's it taken your impromptu Everest challenge?

  2. From my long-distance running experience, I think once you train your body to do that, it never really forgets it can, especially if you're in somewhat close shape for the main event. :)

  3. Rachel, I'm like that too! The stomach, that's the right question. It's OK as long as no gluten and not too much food. And right now, no ice cream :( What I'm concerned about is finding the right kind of food in the middle of nowhere, since it's hard enough in places like Santa Cruz in the middle of the day! So I'm carrying lots of bars and taking a full Hammergel flask on every ride. Too scared of stomach issues to try Perpetuem, but if it were more neutral I would seriously consider going with the powdered fuel. That's the point I'm at.

  4. Mary I think there's some truth there. However, I've never known anyone who did a 600K off the couch, without doing any brevets beforehand. The Santa Cruz 600K is next weekend. I mean, I'm sure someone has done it but it's very rare.