Sunday, June 22, 2014

Big week

It started over email. People at work getting ready for the Death Ride. They do Skyline, 5 Ways in 5 Days. Yes, Monday through Friday! Summer solstice, everyone runs around crazy with sunlight.

Then there's me. Coming off a business trip, 27 hours on airplanes in one week. Plenty of walking but ~45 minutes of real exercise in air conditioned room, since it was 90 degrees and 83% humidity outside. And, serious jet lag.

Sunday, a taste of winter
Ironically, making it impossible to get up early and meet the group. So I did the climbs in the morning, solo. Leveraging the concept. Hopefully regaining fitness.

Sunday, Redwood Gulch and Highway 9 to Page Mill. Tuesday, Montebello (to the winery). Wednesday Page Mill. Friday Old La Honda to Skyline to Page Mill. Saturday, a jaunt to Portola Valley with Joaquin thrown in. Sunday, Pescadero via Page Mill.

Something like 17,000 feet of climbing and 200 miles for the week. Take that, jet lag!

The following Sunday, summer solstice.
Today, on the way back from Pescadero, almost home. Making the turn onto Skyline from West Old La Honda, toward Page Mill when my legs said, ummm. Yeah, we're done here...

And they were, too.

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  1. This sounds grueling but fun. Well, Redwood Gulch is never fun, but I like the rest of it. Your legs are made of steel!