Sunday, March 1, 2015

Winter Solstice 600K

Friday late afternoon, almost dark, almost the solstice. In an office park, bus after bus pulls up to the curb in the rain, collecting tech workers to ferry home. They are silent and mostly preoccupied, weary, not noticing much. Not the imposter in their midst despite a bright red wool cap, red jacket, heavy black wool leggings.

Less visible are the butterflies in my stomach. Unsure of the right bus. Excited and scared to try a new version of this route. Looking forward to the beauty of North Coast, much needed relaxation, and especially, a visit with my dad.

Cycling clothes are not unusual these days, especially among my younger coworkers. Mostly casual, understated pieces (with high price tags) that do their best to resemble street clothes. An outlier who dares to look up from a smartphone might notice the difference: full-on winter cycling gear, right down to toe covers on Sidi shoes. Over the next 4+ days I will need every bit of warmth and function this outfit can provide.

What is there to lose? The daily mind-numbing office grind. Carpets and computer screens and badges that unlock doors. The way it consumes all life energy by default. A cadre of peers who are talented and entitled and naive, all at the same time. Know-it-alls who survive on free food, judge themselves a little too favorably. My affluent, backward suburban neighbors, policing each other, wanting nothing but the status quo. You can have so much and still be poor.

Twenty years of working and living like this, still an outsider.  My heart's up north. Now I have to go find it....

Preparing to launch
Lucky in so many ways
Shedding layers
Winter light
New Ukiah
A wing for a heart
One bar in Fort Bragg
Shifting down
Running the gauntlet
On the flip side
Wild things
At the end of the day
Heading home

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  1. Your tweet about this series (the two months) cracked me up. It's a hell of a ride! The highway in the dark bits sounded scary. I love that you post where you stayed. I get ideas for vacations. :)