Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Unfinished business

Normally I don't do yard work for fun.
When we got home from vacation, there was lots of unfinished business waiting. By definition, it was stuff I'd rather not do and rather not face. If this was the fun stuff that gives energy rather than sapping it, the stuff that makes life worth living, I'd have found a way to take care of it immediately.


Well, not quite. There were several exceptions. One, my financial person had switched company affiliations so there was a stack of paper with little colored Sign Here arrows sticking out. Oh no, not again... meaningless paperwork.

And there was that legal matter. The last one from the accident. Legal matters hurry for no one - in fact, it is a well-understood strategy they must teach in law school, how to make things take As Long As Possible. Unlikely though it seems, there was progress on that front.

Lies, abuse and surly silence for years. Now, progress. The thought of closing all that off and being done with it lifted me up. There I was, blowing leaves around the back yard, making little piles. Making everything neat and beautiful.

There was a meeting, followed by more stupid lawyer games. While the insurance company seemed ready to deal, its partner in crime (my former employer) was not. I was fighting a constant urge to speak my mind. I wanted them to admit what they put me through. There was a repeating loop in my head, about the law and accountability. If people are accountable, corporations have to be too. But I could say nothing.

Then, the day came.

It wasn't enough money, by any stretch. They didn't admit to a thing. But pay they did.

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