Sunday, April 17, 2016


Have you been thinking this blog is about me, riding my bike?

If so, I have news. It's about recovery from brain injury, which involves exercise. And exercise builds attention.

One of the most surprising things about keeping this blog is that with anything brain-related, people don't realize that they can help themselves. They feel powerless and do not know how to go about increasing, for example, their budget of attention. They don't know what role attention plays, in daily life. We are just all so clueless about how our brains get things done.

Attention is the invisible partner. It enables learning, listening, tracking, planning. It brings things into focus. You can't feel it working but anyone who struggles with attention, struggles in almost all every aspect of their life.

If this describes you or someone you love, here are some empowering self-help tips.

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