Saturday, May 14, 2016


It started with a jump from a platform (or something) to an open box that was on top of a Very Tall Bookcase, at least 20 feet high.

I went feet first, aiming for a big yellow lab curled up in the box. And that worked out OK. I landed in the right place, with room to spare. The dog lifted its head to greet me.

Then the box started to tip. From my perspective looking down at the dog in the box on the bookcase, it wasn't possible to see whether the box was centered on top, or offset slightly. Which would definitely make it unstable.

The box, dog and I all went overboard, in slow motion. It was a long way down and there was no hope of rescue or escape. This is bad, I thought. This won't end well. The pull of gravity as you go down faster and faster is breathtaking. It's really not something you want to experience. You don't want to be conscious for that part.

So of course, I woke up, just in time to hear myself cry out in fear before hitting the ground.

Then something really interesting happened. Bella, sleeping at Danny's feet, immediately got up and walked over to me and settled herself down on my body. Calm. She knew just what to do.

I'm so lucky, sometimes it's hard to believe.

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