Tuesday, December 25, 2018


Ten years ago today, life went in another direction.

It is still good. Well, after a LOT of work by me it is good. Different but good.

I'm still alive 😉 which is no small thing.

Still riding the metallic orange Waterford that traveled Route 66; it is now red. In fact, after more than ten thousand miles and 5  x 1200Ks, it needs a(nother) new paint job.

Danny & I have moved and it's turning out to be good. Even Bella is happier. She still sleeps on me when I'm stressed which is pretty rare. Hardly ever happens.

This blog had a 'quiet period' during which I did a stint at Google as an IC. I did some good work for them... which you can see the evidence of in daily headlines announcing new products. Then a coworker found this blog and decided to cast political shade on me. Worked well for her... Google decided it wasn't an issue... or maybe 'didn't happen'. Bella was taking care of me a LOT during that time. Now she plays with organic catnip and sleeps.

Today I rode 3.5 hours and mostly didn't think of the accident at all. When I did, it was mainly the list of things that helped with recovery:
  • Exercise, copius amounts thereof (aerobic, with legs)
  • Speech therapy. Writing a blog was part of that.
  • Espresso, pour-over, presspot, mokka, drip. Caffeine in all its glorious forms.
  • Immersive foreign language program
  • Family and friends
  • Diet makeover: no gluten, no dairy
  • Stress avoidance
Everything above is ongoing...that's how life is different now. Recovery is ongoing.

Maybe, if I write all this down with details, it will make a book 🚲